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This determines things like how annunci over 60 sex characters are converted between upper and lower case. Sudo locale-gen -purge ru_RU. LC_numeric, how you format your numbers. Perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings: language (unset LC_ALL (unset LC_time "ru_RU. Use for example "en_DK. LC_name, how names are represented (surname first or last, etc.). LC_ALL, overrides individual LC settings: if LC_ALL is set, none of the below have any effect.

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LC_messages, what language should be used for system messages. Time functionality is back-ported to Java 6. KOI8-R" are supported and installed on your system. LC_monetary, what currency you use, its name, and its symbol. UTF-8" to get a 24-hour-clock in some programs. Let the class automatically localize the format to the human language and cultural norms of a specific Locale. LC_ctype, how characters are classified as letters, numbers etc.

sesso locale

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